Save money, send more flowers.
For the thoughtful, but equally busy person!

Our subscriptions make perfect gifts, an easy way to brighten your office, or a little happiness delivered to your home on a regular basis.

Here’s some helpful info to know about our subscription service:


We design a new bouquet every month for our Monthly Send. Meaning, if you choose this option for your subscription, you will receive whatever our design of choice for that month is as we fulfill your subscription.

If you choose The Wild Card option, each bouquet is different every time! Pro tip: If you choose the weekly or bi-weekly subscription option, go with The Wild Card so you or the recepient you’re gifting to gets a new and different arrangement with each delivery.


While you may purchase a subscription any day of the week, we only deliver Tuesday - Friday. If your subscription renews over the weekend, we will be sure to get your flowers to the desired location on the next available delivery date.


Here at FS, we pair each of our bouquets with one of our custom cards (it’s our favorite part). When purchasing a subscription, our website only allows you to select the first card to be sent. So, we will send you an email three business days before your next bouquet is scheduled to be delivered so that you have the opportunity to select a new / different card and write a new personal message if you’d like.

Hit us up if you have any questions about our subscription service. DM on Instagram, give us a call or shoot us an email hello@freshsends.com

Cheers to saving time and saving money with subscriptions!

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