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Sticking to the mission of helping people feel seen, known, and loved, it’s our belief at Fresh Sends that relationships and community really matter.

Not just the surface level “Oh I know her and bump into her occasionally” kind of relationships but the ones where you know the real shit someone is going through. The ones where you can walk alongside them and say “Yep, you can lean on me”. It’s what we all want, right? Friends and family that are unwavering in their support, commitment, understanding and love for us… But how do we get that? Well, aside from sending gifts occasionally we know that if you want to have those types of people in your life, it’s important to try and become that type of person.

Welcome to The Get Together, where we not only encourage you in whatever you’re walking through, but where we also want to help equip you to show up for the people in your life.

- Ty Hiss, CEO

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Lessons I learned in high school that still apply 10 years later

September will forever remind me of school starting again, high school football games, and of course the most anticipated season of the year right around the corner: fall. Fall always comes with a bit of nostalgia for me. I feel the first breeze of crisp air and suddenly, I’m reminiscing on when I was 17 driving in my 2001 Jeep Wrangler.
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