On a mission to encourage and inspire, daily.

We send tangible encouragement through simple arrangements and heartfelt, clever cards that help people feel seen, known, and loved.

We offer curated bouquets of fresh, seasonal blooms designed to look like they were just picked up at your local flower market.

We are all about keeping it real. We strive for our brand and cards to always reflect authentic emotions without the cookie-cutter fluff. Sometimes you just have to tell your person, "let's make out"!

Join the club.

We’re florists, creatives, dreamers, makers, and deliverers of tangible encouragemnt.

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Big love from some of our biggest fans:

“The bouquets are so beautiful and unique. Plus the branding is simply darling! ”

- Mackenzie D.

"From your
branding and
card selection
to your
stellar choice
in flowers/
arrangements and reliability, Fresh Sends is easy to both love and use."

- Devon K.

“I love the quality of the flowers!! Always stunning, unique and fresh!!”

- Connie S.