About Fresh Sends

We’re setting out to freshen-up the cookie cutter gifting industry.
We have designed our gifting experience not only to deliver exceptional and straightforward products but to also have a core focus on the sentiment behind the gesture.

Fresh Sends was founded in 2019 with the hope of reclaiming authentic connection through gifts. Modern, relevant gifts – because we’re convinced very few people want an unmemorable fruit basket or a laser-etched trinket. We’re committed to building your go-to gifting company that delivers products you and your recipient will love with an experience that’s unmatched.

Gifting is emotional.

And it’s an unbelievable channel for connection, real connection. In reality, looking to find and ship meaningful gifts is more difficult than typing in a couple of keywords in Google. But our customers can take comfort in Fresh Sends’ approach to gifting: convenient, relevant, and memorable.

Gifting is about connection.

We want to foster connection through community and we want you to be a part of it! Subscribe to The Get Together and join the community of people committed to creating a more authentically connected world.

Gifting is a team effort.

Looking to join ours?
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