FAQ + Help


  • What time of day will my package be delivered?
    • We ship via FedEx Overnight. We do not guarantee delivery times. However, they typically are delivered by about 1pm local-time; they could also be delivered as late as 8pm.
    • I’m having problems with tracking… don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.
  • Do you deliver to PO boxes?
    • No, we unfortunately do not deliver to PO boxes.
  • Can I get my Fresh Send delivered to a hotel?
    • Yes, however, depending on each hotel’s specific policy, FedEx may have to deliver to the hotel's shipping and receiving dock. It’s best to call ahead to the hotel’s front desk to give them a heads up that a guest is receiving a package.
  • Can I get my Fresh Send delivered to a hospital?
    • Yes, but we strongly recommend waiting until your intended recipient has left the hospital and has returned home. If you still choose to order a Fresh Send, given how sensitive hospital environments can be, we ultimately defer to them and their systems when it comes to how they handle FedEx deliveries. This means that 9 times out of 10, FedEx is directed to deliver to the receptionist or flower desk and let them take it from there making it very tricky to make it to the desired recipient.
  • Do you ship to other countries?
    • We are currently only shipping throughout the contiguous US but keep checking back because we have other areas of the world in mind. Let us know where you live and would like to see FS and we’ll work hard to make it happen.
  • Does it the package come with a receipt?
    • We assume every order placed is a gift (even if it’s not!). The only indicator of who the gift is from is the message you write on the card. We never include any billing information. Your receipt is your confirmation email.

My Order

  • Wrong address
    • Oh no! If you realize that you entered the wrong address on checkout let us know immediately. We can only guarantee updates until 12pm EST the day your send is set to go out, after that, we will try our best to get it updated through FedEx but cannot guarantee address changes. We are not held responsible for anything that leaves our warehouse with incorrect information (eg. wrong address or recipient name). 
  • My delivery date isn’t available!
    • We take orders until 5pm EST for next day delivery if we are able. We do sometimes sell out for different days due to many different factors, so we recommend ordering ahead of time to ensure your date is available! 
  • I placed my order weeks ago, how is it delayed?!
    • We appreciate a planner! Ordering ahead of time ensures that your order gets in the queue just in case we sell out early for your desired delivery date. Unfortunately, placing your order early doesn’t give your package priority, all orders being shipped for a certain delivery date (either placed weeks ahead of time or minutes before 5pm EST) leave our facility at the same time with the same overnight shipping. If you have experienced any delays in your shipping, reach out to us (hello@freshsends.com) and we’ll do what we can to make it right! 


  • What send am I going to get?
    • Every Monday we share a video on our Instagram story of what the Fresh Send will look like that week (check our highlights!). Even if you ordered weeks ago, if your send is going out that week, that is a good example of what it will look like! Color palette and stem varieties may change daily due to seasonality and availability. 
  • Can I place multiple bouquets in one order?
    • We ask that each bouquet is placed under a different order. If for some reason you do check out with two (or more) bouquets, our customer experience team will reach out to you to let you know that your additional bouquet(s) will be automatically canceled and refunded. 
  • Can I request specific flowers?
    • We design and create each bouquet with that week’s freshest and happiest, seasonal stems. With this in mind, we are unable to customize any one bouquet. Every Monday we share a video on our Instagram story of what the Fresh Send will look like that week, however, color palette and stem varieties may change daily due to seasonality and availability. If you want to get a better idea of what our bouquets look in general, check out our story highlight on Instagram labeled “Past Sends”. The overall aesthetic of the Send remains the same regardless of color palette or stem varieties. 


  • How do Subscriptions work? 
    • We’re so glad you asked! If you choose our subscription option, you will get to pick the frequency of your delivery (either every week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks) – you will then be charged for your first upcoming send. Your first send “first order” will be shipped on your selected delivery date, every send from then on “recurring order” will be charged at the frequency you selected when you placed your First Order. 
    • In order to make the subscription process as straightforward as possible, we recommend that you select a delivery date as close to the day you place your order as possible.
      • Eg. First Order 
      • Order placed on: 3/1/22
      • Selected delivery date: 3/4/22
      • Frequency selected: every 4 weeks
      • Next charge date: 3/29/22 (4 weeks from the date you placed your first order
      • You are always able to skip a charge and delivery by logging into your account.
    • We will get your Recurring Order in our order queue to ship on our next available delivery date. Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee that it will ship the date your order is charged. If you want a subscription to be delivered on a certain day please reach out to hello@freshsends.com a few days before and we would be happy to accommodate that. 
  • Can I buy all five or six months of my subscription up front? 
    • Not at this time! You select one subscription and your choice of frequency and can cancel at any time. If you are looking for a six month subscription, we suggest that you put a reminder in your phone to cancel your subscription. You will get email notifications for every Recurring Order.
  • When does it end or how can I cancel? 
    • Whenever you want! You just need to log into your account on our website and you’ll be able cancel your subscription. 


Code of Conduct

Here at Fresh Sends, we invite you to participate in our Code of Conduct, which lays out our expectations for engagement with our customers and community members throughout the FS experience. It’s our mission to help people feel seen, known and loved through our products and it’s our hope that you too would remember that real, genuine team members are on the other side of your emails, products, and services. 

Be friendly – We lead with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Be respectful – Many things are out of our control and do our very best to rectify situations when possible. We keep this mind when communicating and strive to assume the best with all parties involved.

Be genuine – We love uniqueness and never want to suppress it! We hope that you feel welcome here and find a sense of home and belonging. 

We’re so glad you’re here. <3 Team FS