Thoughts and Advice from our Favorite Moms

Thoughts and Advice from our Favorite Moms

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, we wanted to hear from the moms in our community here at Fresh Sends. Friends, sisters, and some of our own moms answered a few questions for us that we want to share with our TGT community! Whether you've been a mom for decades, you're a new mom to littles, you're thinking about starting a family, or you never want kids (hey, we respect it.) but have mom-friends in your circle – it's a good (and quick) read!

What has been one of your most rewarding moments as a mom?

"Too many, but mostly having kind, caring and compassionate children." – Jill M.

"My children’s unharnessed, pure love for people is what I have found most rewarding. They talk to everyone that walks by and offer hugs and kisses to new friends. Seeing their affection and encouragement to people young and old make me so proud of them and myself. I know they if I’m seeing it from them, they are seeing it from me." – Lauren S.

"To witness my children feeling confident in who they are!" – Jonna K.

What has been one of your toughest moments as a mom?

"Let them learn from their mistakes and try not to fix everything. Listen instead." – Meg W.

"Growing pains!" – Christine A.

What is one of the best things your kids have told you?

"'I love you' and 'OMG, I sound just like you'" – Maggie M.

"'Mama' (that’s one of the 2 words he knows haha)" – Brie C.

What was one of your biggest fears about having children?

"That they wouldn’t come to me with their fears!" – Jonna K

"Not being able to be a 'good' mom" – Brie C.

What’s the best advice you received from your own mom?

"You can’t be a super hero everyday. Ask for help when you need it." – Christine A.

"Stop being you own biggest criticβ€” give yourself a little bit of a break." – Lauren S.

Do you have a good mom community or support system? If so, what do you lean on them most for?

"YES!!! Everything. Mainly, though, that whatever I’m experiencing, in any stage of my children’s lives, that they usually are experiencing it, too. What I’m certain is only happening to me, is also happening to them, as a mom." – Jill M.

"Encouragement, wisdom, ideas and prayer. Honestly, just a community to raise babies in is a giftβ€” park dates, play dates, coffee dates filled with laughs, tears (from us moms!) or bouncing ideas back and forth is so refreshing. Motherhood in our day & age can be isolating, so just filling days with friends has brought me so much joy and made me better." – Lauren S.

What advice would you give to a new mom or mom-to-be?

"You are the best mom for your baby." – Brie C.

"To be willing to be vulnerable, to be authentic and to let each one of your children to grow at their own pace. Life isn’t a race, it’s an opportunity to improve every aspect of it as you go through it! Enjoy every single moment, even the moments that you feel stuck in because as soon as you get unstuck, years have passed! Love them well!!! Be willing to laugh with them and at yourself! Show them how you’ve made mistakes and how you’ve learned from them!" – Jonna K.

"Kids thrive in a structured, consistent and loving environment. They need to fail to be successful." – Meg W.