The Recipe for a Stress-free Thanksgiving

The Recipe for a Stress-free Thanksgiving

The time is here. Holiday season!! We want to encourage you to gather with your community for a Friendsgiving even if it feels, well, stressful. We know the season is packed with events-a-plenty but you’ll look back and be so glad you set aside a night to be intentional with those you’re grateful for.

The Recipe for a Stress-Free Friendsgiving

Don't let the idea of hosting stress you out. Keep it relaxed, keep it simple, and you'll be the Friendsgiving legend your crew deserves. Here are 5 things to remember when hosting Friendsgiving this year:


  1. Potluck Picnic: Keep it easy with a potluck-style gathering. Let your friends bring their go-to dishes and make it a collective effort.

  2. Keep the cost low with thrifted decor: Turn to Pinterest to find your hosting vibe with minimal effort and $$. Need some hosting inspo? See our Friendsgiving board and think outside of the box of all the things you can find at your local thrift. Candlestick holders, unique glassware + beyond!!

  3. BYOG (Bring Your Own Games): Board games, charades, or a Friends-themed trivia quiz – have each friend bring their favorite game and let the good times roll.

  4. Have containers for leftovers. You know? All the tupperware you have stored in a cabinet that you probably only need a fraction of? Send your friends home with leftovers and feel a little less overwhelmed with the cleanup with their help. It’s a win, win!

  5. Themed Cocktail. Keep your crew happy with a fun, themed cocktail that you can easily prep beforehand and throw in a cute punch bowl. Here, we picked a fave for you. 😉

So go on, have that Friendsgiving even if it feels like a lot of work. Celebrate your community and friendship and don’t miss out on a perfect opportunity to express your gratitude and tell your friends how much they mean to you. You never know who needed a night of dressing up filled with good ‘ol connection. We bet you won’t regret it and your friends will thank you.