The Best Gifts to Send your Long Distance BFF

The Best Gifts to Send your Long Distance BFF

When your best friend lives hundreds (or thousands) of miles away, keeping the spark alive in your friendship can be a new challenge that takes some intentionality. Maybe it’s making the extra call every week, more texts back and forth, or going out of your way to send a special gift to let them know just how much you care. But don’t fret if that sounds overwhelming, in this article we will lay out 5 different ways to stay connected and continue to strengthen your relationship with your bestie while being states away! 

Doordash her a meal. (does a link here help?)

  1. Of course one of the best ways to connect with your friends is over a meal. Try to think back to a great lunch or dinner together or maybe think of their favorite meal and Doordash it to them. While it may seem out of the ordinary or tough to execute, be bold and know that they will absolutely facetime you to reminisce over that memory or sentiment. 

Send her flowers.

  1. When in doubt, send her flowers. In works in dating and in friendship, we swear. They are always well-received and are the perfect pick-me-up for everything from ordinary weeks to some of the most extraordinary moments of life. We think our own offering, The Send, is the perfect seasonal bouquet that never misses and truly makes the recipient feel like the most special person in the room that day. 

Tell her when you were thinking about her this week.

  1. There are always moments throughout the week when you’re reminded of your best friend. Maybe it’s a funny interaction you had with someone at a coffee shop, or perhaps someone at work wore something they would wear, or maybe it’s their birthday month. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that someone thought of you. Don’t hesitate to let them know they were on your mind and that you hope they have a great day. It’s the little things that can have the biggest impact. 

Curate a self-care moment for them.

  1. When someone notices and realizes the work that they’re putting in, it makes them feel incredibly seen and recognized. Call out how you think they are crushing in life (work, relationships, motherhood, etc.) and tell them you’ve set up a self-care moment for them. It could be booking a manicure and covering the tip, it could be sending them The Candle and The Hand Cream for a relaxing spa night at home, or it could be scheduling a babysitter for them. Doing some of the leg work for them to take time for themselves could be a gift they didn’t know they needed.

When it comes to surprising your long-distance best friend with meaningful moments to let them know you care, the possibilities are endless. Embrace your creativity and think outside the box to bring some smiles and laughter to their lives. Remember, the key ingredient is your genuine love, intentionality, and thoughtfulness, ensuring that your bestie always knows how much you value them, regardless of the distance.