Single and reaaadddy to keep it that way.

Single and reaaadddy to keep it that way.

Have you listened to Meghan Markle’s new podcast on Spotify yet? Not only is the production value top notch, the content and her approach is really interesting. Casual conversations with women who have been defined or labeled by the world’s standards and stereotypes and how they rationalize and even break through those paradigms. In one of the recent episodes, she interviews Mindy Kaling and the topic of “singleness”. As we enter into our late twenties, early thirties and beyond, the pressure can be insurmountable to settle down and find a partner. But what if that right person hasn’t come around just yet? Do we lower standards and compromise? And most importantly, whether you’re in a committed relationship or not, how do we not find the source of our value and identity in our relationship status? Give the podcast a listen, to see if Mindy’s experience resonates or inspires you!

Our key takeaways:

Intimate relationships are great, amazing even! But we think it’s important that we create the space and intentionality in our lives to realize our value doesn’t come from that relationship status or that person. You have inherent value as you are.

We love how Mindy took the reins of her life into her own hands. No partner and she decided to build a family anyway. Your life doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s, have courage to press into what is right for you and your life’s journey. We also wanted to know what you, our FS community, thought about being single and the responses were not only encouraging but very consistent. Most of you said things like "I have all the time in the world to pour into my friends and myself", "I'm not tied to anything, I can take any opportunity, move anywhere, anytime, etc.", and "I only have to worry about me, myself, and I." And some of you gave some more practical insight like "I get to choose what's for dinner and what I'm watching" and "I make all my own home decor choices."

Vulnerability, you know how we love it. We admired Mindy’s vulnerability so much when she opened up about her uncertainty around her kids not growing up with a father, especially because she has such a great relationship with her own father. Life doesn’t always pan out exactly how we plan, but there is still beauty in the reality of where you are.

Although this month's topic speaks directly to our single community, we think the themes and takeaways discussed apply to all of us, not as men or women, single or in a relationship, but just as human beings. Dr. Maya Angelou says "You alone are enough" and we agree. We challenge you this month (and beyond) to make daily strides towards believing and showing up in life knowing that you truly are enough. We love you!