No Crazy Projects, Just Healthy Habits in 2022.

No Crazy Projects, Just Healthy Habits in 2022.

Ahhh the new year. Deep breath everybody – we’re not going to shove a bunch of crazy ideas and how-to’s down your throat to convince you that your 2022 should look wildly different than your 2021. We know it can be all too overwhelming to be bombarded with diets and workout plans and financial goal oriented emails and IG ads during the first of a new year, and we’re not here to do that. However, we do believe in the power of change through creating healthy habits, especially with the help of the community around you (AKA your bffs at The Get Together 😉). That’s why we went straight to our community, our Fresh Sends team, to brainstorm some goals and intentions for 2022. And by goals and intentions we mean healthy and practical habits we can all start right now! Which ones are you going to take a stab at this year? We’re in this together!

1. Drink more water.

2. Clean the kitchen (or any consistently messy space) before your bedtime routine.

3. Focus on getting small chunks of work or tasks done daily instead of trying to tackle big and overwhelming projects.

4. Be on your phone less at night.

5. Read more!!

6. Wake up at least twenty minutes earlier to allow yourself to feel less rushed and enjoy small moments in the morning.

7. Pack a gym bag in the morning to make post-work workouts feel less daunting.

8. Journal and reflect on your day before bed.

9. Floss your teeth more!

10. Workout or do something active everyday, even if it’s just 20 minutes.

11. Eat breakfast!

12. Read a book during your lunch break – try to step away from screens for 30 minutes and truly take a break from the work rush.

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