Upon receiving (or not-so-shamelessly purchasing for yourself) some fresh flowers, the next natural step is to find an adequate vessel for those pretty blooms to live their best lives. Back in the day, before my floristy dreams emerged, I would pick up a $6 bunch of tulips or eucalyptus from the local Trader Joe’s and grab my most tried and true vase right from the kitchen cabinet: the mason jar. But here we are in 2020 and I think we can / should all agree the mason jar is behind us. So, let us all share a moment of silence to honor and thank the mason jar for all the joy and shabby chic goodness it has brought to our lives. Goodbye, old friend.

Anddd moving on. 

Now, I sit here longing for interesting, unique, statement vases that are worthy to sit on my $25 Ikea bedside table. But oh so often the vases we have around the house are bland and uninteresting, and that’s considering if we can even find one! To save you from wandering the internet aimlessly, I did the research for you, and now present to you my favorite unusual, interesting, and unconventional flower holders that I think will not only spruce up your bedroom, but may even provide a notable prop in your next mirror selfie for the gram

Pretty much two vases in one that could very well serve as a sculptural addition to anyone’s mantle, the Kink vase from Muuto.

In between jobs and and just can’t seem to justify spending your cash on a vase right now? No prob. @thankyou_ok has mastered the art of making flowers look chic in the understated kitchen staple: the drinking glass.

Finally, take an everyday item like your crinkled toothpaste bottle, make it a vase and stick your favorite fresh or dried stems in it. You’ll like it I swear. And while you’re at it, also get this paper bag vase:

Did this satisfy your longing for cooler, more unique vases like it did mine? Good. I can’t wait to see how you style flowers or your next Fresh Send in a paper bag vase. Or maybe someone figures out how to turn a Fresh Sends box into a vase? To the drawing board we go...

Happy Friday flower friends,

Ty Hiss

Cofounder + CEO @freshsends

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